we try the new way ...
Still to ourselves in ev'ry place consig'd,
our own felicity we make or find

O. Goldsmith
come and see ...
hordee-plantation001010.jpg hordee-plantation001006.jpg
HorDee Plantation is a tea plantation in Sri Lanka realizing the diversification idea by growing many crops commonly to prevent diseases and to reduce dependency of world market prices for only one product
hordee-plantation001009.jpg hordee-plantation001005.jpg hordee-plantation001004.jpg hordee-plantation001003.jpg hordee-plantation001008.jpg hordee-plantation001001.jpg hordee-plantation001007.jpg hordee-plantation001002.jpg
Photo: View from the plantation to Sri Lanka's holy mountain Sri Pada, target for millions of pilgrims every year
(C) HorDee
Plantation 2008
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