The new way is: Diversification. Mono-culture leads to dependency on the world market for one product (e.g. tea), diversification creates relative independency because the probability of low prices on many market is lower than the probability of low prices on one market. Additionally, mono-culture is more vulnarable than a variety of jungle plants.
we try the new way ...
our products ...
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At this time we have some 1,000 kg tea per month. They are growing on about 4,5 acres (of 21 acres for the whole plantation). With proper cutting and fertilizing we can yield about 2.500 kg. And the tea area will be widened to more than 10 acres.
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Between the tea plants, the favourite tree is the so called "elpityia" (acacia). On every elpityia creeps one climbing plant up: pepper plants. The pepper corns are green, later red, but after drying they become black. White pepper will be made by washing the black pepper and thus peeling the black skin off.
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