we try the new way ...
the plantation
hordee-plantation024008.jpg hordee-plantation024016.jpg hordee-plantation024012.jpg hordee-plantation024004.jpg hordee-plantation024006.jpg
We started to plant some
nutmeg trees already in
2004, they grow very
slowly and will not produce
nuts before 6 years. But they grow very well in our
temperate climate
hordee-plantation024007.jpg hordee-plantation024015.jpg hordee-plantation024011.jpg hordee-plantation024003.jpg hordee-plantation024010.jpg hordee-plantation024009.jpg hordee-plantation024014.jpg hordee-plantation024001.jpg hordee-plantation024013.jpg hordee-plantation024005.jpg hordee-plantation024002.jpg
Every morning we walk up from our house in the next village to the plantation (1,5 km). Here I am on the way in front of a typical Kithul palm tree.
(C) HorDee
Plantation 2008